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Increase visibility with a group of
consultants rooted in Italian territory.

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  • We establish goals
  • We present the products in Italian
  • We create a high impact landing page
  • We register a your .it domain
  • We index in search engines
  • We publish articles in blogs
  • We spread in social networks
  • High rate of achievement goals
  • We work for you to receive contacts

Are you interested in improving your presence
abroad and boosting exports of your products?

Our landing page is the right tool

Through our solutions, you can easily gain visibility on the Italian web. Translating your website into Italian is not enough, and we are aware that significant results can only be achieved with a local consultant who knows the culture and Italian translations (and, as a consequence, the market, the words and the right search terms to make your products and/or services visible).

We give you visibility in Italy

.IT domain registration for your company, service or product

With our service, it is possible to have a strong presence and good visibility in the Italian market through marketing actions and search engine indexing.
We create a mini-site dedicated to your products and services (with a .IT extension) that it will refer visitors to your corporate website for more details.

In summary, you are accessing the following service:

We are sure we can bring you inquiries and contacts.

Make the purchase now. We will send you an official commercial invoice and a form to fill out with all the information we need, and then we will activate the service step by step (in 3 working days). We will respond to any questions and doubts within 24 hours, through our dedicated web-based support system.

No obligation to renew at the end of semester

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Contact us info@internetsol.it
We create web solutions since 2001
The "Your Company in Italy" Landing page service is active from april 2017

List price 700 € for six-month period
Introductory offer first six months 700 € 450 €
Offer valid only for the month of April

What happens after the purchase?
  1. We ask that the tax information and send you the invoice
  2. Do we do a short interview (about 15 minutes) to learn about your services / products
  3. We register the domain www.YOURNAME.it
  4. We realize the landing page dedicated to you
  5. We go online
  6. We generate leads and sales

You need to understand better?

Discover how we can help you sell and promote your company and your products in Italy. Ask for our advice to understand:

30 € For personal advice

You need more information?
Contact us info@internetsol.it
  • how to sell in Italy;
  • how to make e-commerce towards Italy;
  • how to be contacted by Italian customers;
  • how to have visibility in Italy;
A professional specialist will respond within 48 h. , Detail with a customized report, based on analysis of your business.

Professional consultancy at the price 50 € in offer to 30 €

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